Washington State, Seattle Waterfront Properties
Washington State, Seattle Waterfront Properties
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The Columbia River
on the Washington state side is rich in history. Lewis and Clark's Discovery Corp spent the years 1805-1806 exploring and visiting with a number of Native American tribes.  The Columbia River was and is
presently used as a major highway for trade. Tug boats move barges loaded wheat and many other products that are grown in the Pacific Northwest.
There are several cities and towns located on the Washington side of the river. The first small community and fishing port is Ilwaco. The Cities of Longview, Kelso, Vancouver Camas, Washougal, Stevenson and the tri-cities of
Richland, Kennewick and Pasco, on to Wenachee, Bridgeport, Orville which arelocated on the river heading north to British Columbia, Canada.
The landscape changes a lot when you travel east from Vancouver and come to Stevenson. In that area the Gorge provides a windy environment idea for sports like wind sailing. In the tri-city area the weather is dry and hot in the summer as compared to western area with milder climate and a bit more rain. Scenery as you move east and north is open country with few trees and larger views. The river provides irrigation that is used for crops such as grapes, apples and so much more. The area is made of large farms as you move thru that area on to Canada.
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